Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Reason...

  I haven't added anything to this site in a very long time. I started it for my mom, who was slowly being taken away with Alzheimer's. As part of the process it's good to tell them stories, frequently go through photo albums and tell them things about the people in those pictures.
  I wanted there to be a place that Mom could go to see and read these things. I chose to talk only about the good things that happened during my childhood, not any of the abuse, or any of the other garbage that my dad brought into our lives.
  It became clear that keeping this up for Mom was more my priority than anyone else's. However, while talking to a long time family friend, she asked if I could print off what I'd written & mail it to her.She wanted to read it and didn't have a computer. I did as asked. Later she told me she took it upon herself to go over to Mom's and read it to her and show her the pictures... "just in case".  :)

Anyway, here it sits... for all of eternity on the internet. One day I may finish it......... who knows.

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