Monday, May 29, 2006

Wild Horses

As I mentioned, I went to the library the other day. It was mainly to do some research for this blog. The above picture was found in a book called, "Washington Curiosities", by Harriet Baskas. When I saw this picture I was full of all kinds of emotions. It brought back one of my most memorable experiences and one that elates me and saddens me at the same time.
On my summer trips with the grandparents I had the most awesome privilege anyone could have. (At least I think so.)
Between eastern Washington and western Washington, there is desert land. (As I mentioned in one of my previous posts. (
waving white flags)
Near a town called Vantage, Washington near the Columbia River I used to be able to see the most incredible sight and it brings tears to my eyes to know it is no longer there. I used to be able to watch wild horses run free throughout all that land. There would be 20-30 of them at a time running, kicking up clouds of dust. They looked so happy and free. I would strain my neck as we passed them by- not wanting to take my eyes off of them.
If I happened to fall asleep, Grandma or Grandpa would wake me so that I wouldn't miss them. And if there was hardly any other cars on the freeway, Grandma would slow down. I think she loved watching them as much as I did.
Telling the story to those who never had the opportunity to see such a wonderful sight, it just doesn't seem to have the impact as actually seeing such a thing.
And now, sadly, they are gone. Another thing of the past, vanishing. Only to be left and appreciated in the minds of those who got to witness such magnificence.
The above picture is of a metal sculpture that a guy by the name of Guy Govedare did. It sits off Interstate 90, overlooking the Columbia River. It IS an awesome work of art. There are 15 life size metal horses. It was presented as a gift during this states centennial celebration in 1989.
He created this sculpture in remembrance of all those wild horses that roamed that area. To me, it is a sad reminder... Sad because so many generations after me never got to see what I did, and now, in its place are metal horses. Though a beautiful piece of artwork, it just isn't the same as seeing it "live".
However, I do feel incredibly blessed to have witnessed something so beautiful and rare. (even then) I can still see them. First you spot the cloud of dust out in the distance, then you see the horses coming closer to the freeway, you see their heads shaking, their back legs kicking, as if they are jumping and leaping for joy. They are following the strongest horse. He is always out ahead, their manes blowing in the wind. It was exciting and peaceful to see. I smiled every time I saw them, just as I am smiling now, at the memory.

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